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At Verelta, we provide creative win-win solutions to help avoid foreclosures, bankruptcies and problematic credit.

About US

Personalized Real Estate Investment Solutions Tailored to You

Verelta is your beacon of hope in avoiding foreclosure. Since 2016, we’ve proudly worked with homeowners in Ohio and have recently expanded our reach to Indiana. Our mission isn’t to buy to “flip,” but rather to increase the availability of rental properties for affordable, reliable housing solutions. By empowering homeowners with bespoke support and guiding them through their financial challenges with transparency and trust, we continue to support the future of real estate. We are motivated to making the world a better place, and for that reason, 10% of income generated from property purchased in 2024 and beyond will be donated to A21, an organization committed to fighting human trafficking.

Serving Ohio & Indiana

How We Work?

Process for Real Estate Investment Success


Initial Assessment

First, we’ll begin with a comprehensive assessment of your home, financial situation, identifying your credit status, specific needs, and goals. We’ll ensure that we understand your situation so we can find tailor-made solutions for your unique circumstances.


Mortgage Takeover

Next, we’ll take over your existing mortgage to help you alleviate any immediate financial stress in your life, providing you with necessary relief. Our goal is to help take the stress off you so you can focus on other tasks in your life.


Establishing Payment History

Verelta will establish a consistent record of payments for you to help you gradually rebuild your credit score, month by month. In no time, you’ll experience a better financial situation, improved credit, and, ultimately, less financial headaches.

Rebuilding Credit

Understanding Credit Repair

As a core part of our commitment to empower clients, we recognize the profound impact of credit scores on financial opportunities, including your current real estate opportunities. That’s why Verelta offers personalized support and guidance to help you improve your credit health, unlocking access to favorable loans and opportunities. As we partner together to boost your credit score, you can achieve financial stability and growth with ease and confidence. 

Enhancing Your Credit Score

Without a decent credit score, it might be hard to secure certain assets, including homes. Verelta’s team helps you understand credit factors and how to improve your score overall. With personalized support to rebuild your credit health, we will help you pave the way for long-term future financial success for you and your loved ones.

Developing Healthy Financial Habits

Rebuilding credit requires discipline and commitment to developing healthy financial habits. This includes making timely payments on your bills and debts, keeping credit card balances low, and avoiding new credit inquiries whenever possible. By demonstrating responsible financial behavior, you can gradually improve your credit score over time.

Let us work with you to protect and even improve your credit. Let us work with you to avoid foreclosure. Let us work with you directly on a transaction that can be completed legally and quickly. Contact us today! 925.508.9470 or!


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